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We Stand For The Flag. We Kneel For The Fallen T-Shirt


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Customer Reviews

Robert Ryan


my wife presented me with this teriffic t-shirt and I couldn't wait to wear it--it sums up my ideas of civic pride and patriotism!

a picture is worth a thousand words



Excellent shirt i will definitely be wearing this shirt with pride and too let others know that to stand upto flag and kneel to fallen that sacrificed there lives for are freedom and I'm damm proud to American 


Lou Matos


great idea great product

Diane Varacek


The shirt came quicker than expected.  It arrived even before the car window signage. The shirt is great. It is made well and the message looks beautiful.  My husband us a veteran and he will get the shirt on his birthday.  I am sure he will wear it to his American Legion meeting and show them this great gift.  This family always stands for our flag and anthem and kneels for our fallen. Thank you for creating this amazing graphic. 🇨🇻

Diana Rogowski


Bought this shirt for my husband. He served 4 years in the marines. He absolutely loves this shirt.

Robert Sprott


I recieved the shirt and found it to look and feel top quality.  The logo is spot on to most of us verterans who have served this nation in combat.  I hope to see more shirts like this on the backs of everyone in the country to honor those that have and are severing for the freedoms we have.